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To me it means that I am essentially grounded by my faith, and I employ psychological knowledge as it respects or aligns with Biblical principles. I recognize that the source of a client’s difficulties may be oriented either more spiritually or psychologically; prayer, faith, and the application of sound psychological science can all be used in the process of healing and growing. All truth is God’s truth, both in understanding one’s internal as well as external environments. Healing is not simply the elimination of symptoms, but also the strengthening of resilience to the realities of living in a fallen world.

Although I use a Christian approach, I am completely non-denominational and offer my services to all who are trying to improve their personal lives and their relationships. I seek to incorporate both pastoral and clinical aspects of the therapeutic process, emphasizing those to which each client best relates. I recognize that while my faith informs and motivates me as a Christian, every client’s convictions and choices are rightfully and personally theirs — and are to be respected. When appropriate, referrals to other agencies or specialists may be provided to promote the best of care for each individual client.

David T. Wood


"I recommend David as a trusted counseling referral source that we use at Morning Star Community Church."

Ed Schultze, Pastor of Pastoral Care & Counseling (retired)

"David is an excellent counseling resource in the larger Salem community."

Jim Miller, Ph.D., Salem Pastoral Counseling Center (retired)

"David exhibits personal qualities and aptitudes that I feel make him a valuable asset for the provision of counseling services to individuals and families."

Alan Bittel, Adult Degree Program Chair, Corban University (retired)


Can Counseling Help Me?

Although professional counseling may not be appropriate for every painful experience in life, it may often be very helpful when:

  you have a problem which significantly interferes with your daily functioning or ability to enjoy life...

  you have a past emotional or relational wound which is not getting better...

  you cannot find a way to resolve a specific problem you are wrestling with...

  you are concerned about something which might become more of a problem if it is not addressed...


-anger control-
-marital communications-
-low self-esteem--life transitions-
-physical/sexual/emotional abuse-
-parent-child/school --separation/divorce-
-preparing for marriage--relational conflicts-

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